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One-Stop for the Best Smart Gateway

Smart gateway is built especially for IoT device connectivity. It plays a vital role in the IoT system, which connects the network and ubiquitous sensor network (USN) layer. And, if you are looking for a smart gateway to add to your product lines, Tuya Expo is the right platform for you. At Tuya Expo, you can find a wide range of smart gateway products, including LAN Zigbee Gateway, Wi-Fi Zigbee Gateway, Bluetooth Gateway, Multi-protocol gateway, multi-functional gateway, and alarm hub. Directly connect to global smart gateway suppliers. With our OEM/ODM services, you can build your own smart gateway tailored to your brand needs. In addition, be empowered to sell your smart gateway products globally with Tuya Expo. Our professional marketing team empowers you to easily launch your own store and smart business on a global e-commerce platform. Aside from smart gateways, we have more smart products, choose from over 100 categories. If you can't still find the ideal smart product, let us help you. Get started using the request quote form.

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