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21Products supplied by Shenzhen Zigxico Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Information
Total Employees: 400
Main Category: Security
Main Markets and Distribution: North America, South America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Asia, Hong Kong, China, Macao, China, Taiwan, China, Mainland, China
Company Qualification
Mobile Tracking Two Way Audio Baby Monitor Wifi PTZ Indoor Security Camera
Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera
Tuya Smart Video Fingerprint lock Class C safety lock cylinder aluminum alloy shell Low power alarm
Video Door Lock
Tuya 3MP Waterproof Wireless Alarm Push Motion Humanoid Detection Outdoor Network Bullet Camera
Outdoor Fixed Camera
Low Power Waterproof PIR Factory PTZ Security WIFI 4G Solar Camera
Battery Camera
Tuya Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera Zigxico Support Human Shape Detection Motion Detection APP Alarm Push Moving Objects Trackin
Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera
Two Way Audio Low Power Consumption WiFi HD 1080P Video Doorbell Camera
Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera
Zigxico Wi-Fi Pulg-in Bullet Camera with Motion Detection | Two Way Intercom
Outdoor Fixed Camera
Zigxico 5MP Vandaproof POE IR Dome Camera
Zigxico Waterproof Smart Outdoor HD 18X Optical Zoom PTZ Dome Camera
Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera
Tuya Zigxico 5MP full HD CCTVHome Security System Indoor Outdoor Smart IR Dome Poe IP Camera