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54Products supplied by MAXSMART Automation Manufacturing Co Ltd
Company Information
Total Employees: 120
Main Category: Sensors
Main Markets and Distribution: Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Mainland, China
Small Size Curtain Relay Switch
Air-break Switch
Wi-Fi Relay Switch
Remote Control Switches
Small Size Garage Relay Switch
Air-break Switch
Heating Thermostat
Electric Heating Thermostat
Wi-Fi GSM/3G/4G with RF868/RF433 sensors and siren batter backup
Alarm Hub
ZIgbee Siren outdoor 120DB
Strobe Siren
wifi GSM/3G/4G RF433/RF868/ Zigbee sensor with siren battery backup
Alarm Hub
Zigbee Wireless Keypad
Alarm Hub
Zigbee Heating Radiator Control Valve
Thermostat Radiator Valve ( TRV)
Zigbee WiFi Gateway
Wi-Fi Zigbee Gateway