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19Products supplied by GIEC AIoT
Company Information
Total Employees: 1200
Main Category: Lighting
Main Markets and Distribution: Mainland, China, North America, South America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Other, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Macao, China
Company Qualification
Control Panel
(CCS) Panel
5w 470lm smart Wi-Fi bulb CW FQ502
Light Bulbs
EU Smart Plug With Energy Monitor 10A/16A
Smart Plugs
Smart EU Plug With Energy Monitor 16A
Smart Plugs
Smart Wi-Fi Plug Australia Standard
Smart Plugs
Smart US plug with energy monitor
Smart Plugs
8w 800lm smart Wi-Fi Bulb CW A60
Light Bulbs
GIEC IP Camera 200W 1080P Smart Camera
Indoor Fixed Camera
6W 600lm Wi-Fi LED bulb RGB+C/W FQ502
Light Bulbs
6w 600lm smart Wi-Fi bulb RGW+C/W A60
Light Bulbs