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125Products supplied by SWE & XIZHI ELECTRONICS
Company Information
Total Employees: 700
Main Category: Electrical
Main Markets and Distribution: Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Mainland, China, South America, North America
Company Qualification
IR Control Hub Smart Infrared Remote Control
IR Remote Controls
Smart IR Remote Control Wi-Fi Controller Work with Alexa/Google Home
IR Remote Controls
India Standard Plug 10A Multifunctional Wi-Fi Smart Socket
Smart Plugs
Brazilian Standard 10A Wi-Fi Smart Plug-with Metering
Smart Plugs
Smart IR+RF Wi-Fi Remote Controller
RF+IR Remote Control
US Standard 15A WiFi Smart Plug-Without Metering Version
Smart Plugs
UK Standard Wi-Fi Smart Plug
Smart Plugs
European Standard 16A Smart Plug Wi-Fi Socket
Smart Plugs
Smart Badminton Racket BLE Version (A pair)
Smart Badminton Racket
3 Gang 10A 250V Zigbee Smart Wall Switch Remote Control
3-Way Light Switches