Wifi smart smoke detector

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Product modelUT_SM08


Sales AreaSouth America,North America,Europe,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa


Smart Features

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Product model
Product Category
Smoke Alarm/ Detector
Product Color
Market Specifications
British Version,General Version
Function Description
Adopt smoke detection sensor, no passivation phenomenon, lower power consumption and longer life.
Intelligent detection prevents false alarms, eliminates false alarms, and stable and reliable.
As long as the mobile phone can access the web, it can be controlled remotely from anywhere.
Wireless internet connection, when smoke is detected, it will send alarm to the mobile phone.
When smoke is detected, and an alarm will be issued when the alarm value is reached.
With sound and light alarms functions.
[Remote Monitoring] You can observe the smoke dynamics in real time through the mobile APP. No matter how far away you are from home, you can make your home smarter.
[High Sensitivity Smoke Detection] When a fire occurs, the sensor will sensitively detect smoke, send an alarm bell, and then push the notification to your smart phone to protect people and property.
[80dB Loud Sound] When triggered, the red LED will blink and give out a loud high-volume alarm sound exceeding 80dB.
[Excellent design, super high quality] Exclusive smoke intelligent algorithm with high sensitivity, error-free report and strong anti-interference ability.
[Widely used] Perfect full-buckle patented structure, anti-disassembly bracket, easy to install and clean. Widely used in homes, factories, schools, shops, offices, villas and residential areas that need fire alarm.
Sales Area
South America,North America,Europe,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa
Product Size
34*34*34 mm
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