Bluetooth Call Earphone & Smart Band 2 in 1 Heart Rate AAC Sound Quality Earbud Smart Bracelet Smart Watch

3000 Pieces
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30 days

Product modelV08PRO


Sales AreaNorth America,Japan and South Korea,Europe,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Japan,South Korea


Product on Sale Time2020.3.18

Smart Features

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Product model
Product Category
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Market Specifications
Chinese Version,Chinese Version(Neutral Packaging),IN Standard,Chinese Standard,Brazil Standard,Japanese Version,Japanese Standard,Regular Version,test,Test box,EU Standard,FR Standard,AU Standard,US Standard,British Version,UK Standard,Metering Version,General Version
Function Description
24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring; (24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring, analyze heart rate changes, and promptly alert when abnormalities are found)
Activity tracker(Pedometer、Calories、Miles)
Intelligent sleep monitoring and recording
Dispay date、time、week、pedometer、heart rate
Multi-dial interface free switching ( long press main interface)
Bluetooth headset (touch to answer when you wear the headset ; hang up the phone: long press for 3 seconds to hang up ; reject: long press the touchbutton for 3 seconds to refuse)
Call & SMS、message reminder;(including WeChat、qq、facebook、whatAPP、line、email etc social application)
Voice assistant (long press the touch button for 3 seconds when the single headset is in use, you can activate and dial the phone through the voice assistant operation, etc .; Could support siri and Android Assistant; for the secondary development voice assistant need to check with dealer whether could support it.)
Find the smart band, OTA upgrade
Lift wrist display
smart alarm clock reminder(Noise-free wake-up, 10 groups of event reminders)
Noise-free wake-up, 20 groups of event reminders
Remote control taking photos(By rotating the wrist、 touching the screen)
countdown, stopwatch,find phone
Function switch(Common switch: Heart rate,Blood pressure monitoring)
Sales Area
North America,Japan and South Korea,Europe,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Japan,South Korea
Package Size
145*96*39 mm
Product Size
145*96*39 mm
Net Weight
36 g
12 month
Packing List
Product,Charger,Manual,Packing box
Support For Custom Types
App Control Panel Customization,Function customization,App customization,Product appearance customization,Logo customization,Packaging customization
Power Supply Type
contact charging
Product on Sale Time

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