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Mine-EEC 65Km/H 2000W Powerful Electric Motorcycle Environment Friendly

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Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Electric Vehicle
Product Color
Market Specifications
EU Standard
Function Description
First, the MINE is equipped with a 2000W power motor.The motor gives the MINE powerful power, allowing it to overcome steep roads while accelerating faster, giving the user a power experience.
Second, MINE uses 72V lithium battery.The large lithium batteries give MINE the power to run faster and farther.Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are greener, faster to charge, longer to use, and smaller in size.
Thirdly, the top speed of 65km/h not only allows users to enjoy the pleasure of speed, but also pays attention to the safety of users, meeting the requirements of most countries with speed limits.
Besides,the whole car LED headlights, turn signals, tail lights, for the user in the night driving, left and right to turn, backwards to provide security. LED type bulb, brighter, energy saving, longer life, more environmentally friendly.The whole car before and after the disc brake design, help users in an emergency, timely braking, to ensure safe driving.The 12-inch tyres are designed to make the MINE ride smoother and more comfortable, with more grip and easy control.
Sales Area
Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Middle East,Asia,North America,South America,Japan and South Korea,Australia,Japan,South Korea
Product Size
1830*710*1095 mm
Net Weight
85 g
Bulk Delivery
30 day
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Product on Sale Time
battery capacity
Climbing angle
Braking method
Dics Brake
Maximum speed

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