MicMol Dimmer Rotatable Bracket Full Spectrum WRGB Aquarium Led Light for Mini Fish Tank

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Product modelSOLO 20W


Sales AreaNorth America,South America,Japan and South Korea,Europe,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Mainland, China


Product on Sale Time2020.6

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Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Aquarium Lights
Product Color
Market Specifications
Chinese Version(Neutral Packaging)
Function Description
1.Using aluminum alloy shells, good heat dissipation, low light decay, and longer lamp life. Acrylic panel, light transmittance of up to 95%
2. This lamp uses Epistar lamp beads with 3 adjustable channels, mainly made by red, green and blue bands, and uses the principle of three colours to present a more perfect lighting effect.
3. It is very easy to assemble and can be rotated at any angle of 270 degrees, so when you are cleaning the fish tank, you can rotate the light to the other side.
4. The extension stand is optional. when the light is placed on a nano tank, which may not be stable and pretty. but if you put the light and tank on the extension stand, it looks stable and has a sense of design
Sales Area
North America,South America,Japan and South Korea,Europe,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Mainland, China
Package Size
265*230*70 mm
Product Size
250*200*45 mm
12 month
Packing List
1 * SOLO Lamp 1 * Clip Bracket 1 * Power Adapter 1 * Dimmer Controller 1 * Wi-Fi Controller (Optional) 1 * Printed Instructions
Support For Custom Types
App customization,Function customization,Product appearance customization,Logo customization,Packaging customization
Power Supply Type
Power adapter
Product on Sale Time

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