MICMOL THOR X 120W Reef Light with Remote Control Programmable Marine UV LED Aquarium Lighting for Growing Coral

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Product model
Thor X 120W Marine
Product Category
Aquarium Lights
Product Color
Space Gray
Market Specifications
Chinese Version
Battery Type
Function Description
1. the unique bracket. It's a beautifully designed stand that's adjustable, so you can select just the right angles for cover your tank. The stand has gearwheel inside which has 4 angles for adjustment. The gearwheel makes it super easy to adjust the height of the stand, and suit most of the aquarium tank.
2. Cool shape design. This is from the future products, and the inspiration is from Thor's hammer. The design element of the hexagonal prismatic which is symbolized unlimited power.
3. Good lighting system THOR elevates the lighting to a whole new level of performance. With the latest CREE LEDs and array, THOR reaches new heights in spectrum performance. The thousands adjust way by the smart controller, that means more power for what matters most: creating amazing HD full spectrum.
4. Heat Dissipation There is a built-in fan in the middle of the lamp, and there are vents on both sides of the lamp, which greatly reduces the heat emitted by the lamp during operation and effectively ensures the light attenuation of the lamp.
5. Two controllers can be chosen to adjust the spectrum
WiFi Controller: you need to download "imicmol" app by Google play store, the smartphone connects WiFi device through WiFi controller, then the mobile can adjust lamps remotely. There are many functions in imicmol application, many lighting effects can play, like lightning, cloudy, moonlight, etc. 20 timer pointer can set, 4 channels to adjust.
Smart Controller: It comes with abundant settings: the Clock, Auto mode, Manual mode, various lightning effect, Demo with 4 channels. Auto Mode comes with many timer points (like dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, dusk and night), and the smooth gradient is very smart to simulate natural lighting effects which make your tank very colorful and vivid.
Sales Area
North America,Mainland, China,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia
Package Size
290*125*85 mm
Product Size
280*115*28 mm
Carton Size
500*320*300 mm
12 month
Packing Quantity
Packing List
*G4 THOR X *Pro Stand *Hanging Kits (optional) *Smart Controller *Connect Cable *Standard Power Cord *Power Adapter *Tool Sets Printed Instructions
Support For Custom Types
App customization,Function customization,Product appearance customization,Logo customization,Packaging customization
Power Supply Type
Power adapter
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