Rulind Electric Scooter L9

100 Pieces

Product modelL9


Sales AreaEurope,North America,South America,Australia


Theory of battery life55KM

Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Product Color
Market Specifications
Chinese Standard,EU Standard,US Standard,British Version,AU Standard
Function Description
The outstanding selling points of the products just supplement the pain points on the market
The body is large and strong. It is very suitable for those who are heavy and tall
The grip is wide, which is the same as the width of human shoulders, comfortable in riding, not tired for a long time, and flexible in operation
The signal line, brake line and motor input line of the whole vehicle aisle are hidden and protected
The most widely used folding structure is precision forging (aluminum alloy has the highest density) process, which has been verified by the market of electric vehicles for more than 20 years
Headlight position, clear at night, light intensity. It will not cause direct light to the other party's line of sight, and the tail lights are bilateral, with clear prompts at the rear and the rear side
The foot pad is a silicone pad with high elasticity, which is about 2MM thicker than the market and has good shock absorption and anti-skid functions
Dual driving force, can switch front and rear single and double driving force at will
Controller, Haoying (Zhongying Production)
Provide safe, comfortable and convenient transportation
Panasonic battery
Color selectable
Sales Area
Europe,North America,South America,Australia
Aluminum alloy
Product Size
1130*500*1150 mm
Carton Size
1180*1850*520 mm
Net Weight
18000 g
Packing List
One electric scooter with four accessories
Support For Custom Types
other,App Control Panel Customization,Function customization,Product appearance customization,Logo customization,Packaging customization,App customization
Power Supply Type
Lithium battery charging
Theory of battery life

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Total Employees: 50
Main Markets and Distribution: Europe, North America, South America