LEIU Fingerprint Smart Lock New Style for Home

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Product modelLVD-06 B2



Unlock TypeMechanical Key,Door Card,Password/Code,Fingerprint,App

Door Thickness Compatibility(mm)35mm-65mm

Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
LVD-06 B2
Product Category
Knob Lock/Ball Lock
Product Color
Black, Silver, Gold, Coffee
Market Specifications
British Version,General Version,Regular Version
Battery Type
Dry Battery
Function Description
1.Swedish FPC sensor, 0.5 second speed recognition;
2.Intelligent alarm function and password protection function, when the wrong password is entered for 5 times continuously, the system will lock for 180 seconds, and sound and light alarm;
3.Multiple unlock mode: Fingerprint, Password ,IC card, Keys, Bluetooth;
4.Scramble code function: the valid password is 6 to 8 digits, which supports front and back dummy password to prevent from peeking;
5.Fingerprint function: Intelligent touch screen technology without fingerprints, Swedish FPC semiconductor military-grade collector, living fingerprint recognition;
6.Temporary password function: the mobile APP generates a remote password for the guest to unlock the door;
7.Passage Mode: when you need to open/close the doors frequently, you can turn this mode on;
8.Access records query: You can check access records at anytime by App;
9.TUYA APP supports multiple languages;
10.Low battery consumption,4 AA batteries are durable for over 1 year;
11.Low battery alarm, when the voltage is lower than 4.8V, the alarm is activated each time with the unlock;
12.App Apartment management system: You can manage all locks of the whole apartments;
13.USB emergency interface, you can charge it to unlock door when the battery run out.
Sales Area
Mainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Australia,Other,Japan,Japan and South Korea,Asia,South Korea
Aluminium Alloy with Anodizing
Package Size
213*184*94 mm
Product Size
68*63*63 mm
Carton Size
470*410*300 mm
Net Weight
1200 g
24 month
Packing Quantity
Packing List
If lock body is latch, 8 sets per carton, gross weight is about 18.4 KG per carton,Carton size is  46CM*29.5CM*40.5CM ; If lock body is mortise lock body (7255), 8 sets per carton, gross weight is about 18.2 KG per carton,Carton size is 47CM*41CM*30CM.
Bulk Delivery
7 day
Support For Custom Types
Logo customization,Packaging customization
Power Supply Type
4 AA Batteries
IP Rating
Unlock Type
Mechanical Key,Door Card,Password/Code,Fingerprint,App
Theory of battery life
1 year
Lock Style Options
7255 8560 8570
Door Thickness Compatibility(mm)
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