Smart Padlock (Heavy Duty)

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Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Product Color
Silver, (Gold, Black Optional)
Market Specifications
EU Standard,AU Standard,US Standard,British Version,UK Standard,General Version
Battery Type
Lithium Battery
Function Description
Key Features & Advantages
1. Bluetooth connect, Tuya Smart /Smart Life APP access and management.
2. Remote operate and authorize other users or visitors to access the lock.
3. Fingerprint unlock and backup keys, durable medium size.
4. Durable and sturdy, IP65 lock casing, 10mm diameter stainless-steel lock shackle for superior cut resistance, protect your assets against thieves.
5. Family and friend share, up to 10 sets fingerprint can be stored.
6. Rechargeable lithium battery, 6 months standby or up to 2,500 times unlock.
7. Safe and secure, P70 will remain locked even run out of power, a quick charge by any USB power source will awake it and able to unlock.
8. Low power alert and event data push on APP.
Sales Area
North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Australia,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Macao, China,Taiwan, China,Mainland, China
Aluminum alloy lock body and 10mm diameter stainless-steel lock shackle
Package Size
32*90*120 mm
Product Size
28*70*104 mm
Carton Size
290*280*250 mm
Net Weight
300 g
12 month
Packing Quantity
Packing List
1. P70 smart padlock *1 2. Micro USB charge cable *1 3. Back up keys *2 4. User manual *1
Bulk Delivery
21 day
Support For Custom Types
Logo customization,Packaging customization,Product appearance customization,Function customization,App customization
Power Supply Type
IP Rating
Unlock Type
App,Fingerprint,Mechanical Key
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