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WiFi+PLC Smart Gateway (PLBUS)

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Product modelPLHG460-T111-H11M


Sales AreaMainland, China

Product on Sale Time2021.1

Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Multi-Protocol Gateway
Product Color
Market Specifications
Chinese Version(Neutral Packaging),Chinese Standard
Battery Type
Function Description
1. Small, with strong plug-in power supply, easy to use, data transmission through the powerline, no wiring is required;
2. High speed of adding sub-devices, the number of management sub-devices, and the maximum can support 512 sub-devices;
3. Uplink WiFi communication, in line with IEEE 802.15.4 standard, frequency band: 2.4~2.485GHz, receiving sensitivity ≤-102dBm;
4. PLBUS.h power line bus high-speed communication ms-level communication delay, stable and reliable communication, and fast response speed;
5. Support application scenarios such as large-scale network, scene control, and linkage control;
6.. With RGB lights and speakers, it can be configured as a night light to effectively guide users to use;
7. High performance. Under standard test environment, PLC communication, the highest anti-attenuation ability can reach more than 100dB, which can meet various complex application scenarios;
Sales Area
Mainland, China
Unsales Area
Product Size
70*70*55 mm
Net Weight
100 g
12 month
Bulk Delivery
30 day
Support For Custom Types
App customization,Logo customization,Function customization,App Control Panel Customization
Power Supply Type
Rated Power(W)
50 Hz
Rated Voltage(V)
220 V
300 m
Max number of sub-devices
Product on Sale Time

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