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Fashion Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush

2000 Pieces

Product modelN1s



Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Product Color
White, Pink, Gradual Changed White, Gradual Changed Pink
Market Specifications
Chinese Standard,US Standard,British Version
Function Description
1: Ultra-high clean power, the maximum speed can reach 43000rpm; the maximum torque is, and the maximum swing is 6.5mm;
2: Comfortable cleaning brush head, 3D shape, effective cleaning and care of gums and teeth;
3: It can be used for up to 180 days, simple and easy to use;
4: Super fast charge, only 3.5 hours per charge;
5: Smart APP, everything is under control, fully supports personalized toothbrushing programs, hundreds of different frequencies and different strengths to fully realize personalized toothbrush customization. Real-time toothbrushing data feedback and recording of historical toothbrushing data can effectively improve the cleaning effect, develop good oral care habits, and maintain oral health in a scientific and healthy manner.
6: The constantly updated big data recommends a renewable toothbrushing plan to make toothbrushing more scientific.
Sales Area
Mainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Japan,Australia,Africa,Middle East,Other,South Korea,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Southeast Asia,Macao, China,Taiwan, China
Package Size
216*161*34 mm
Product Size
26*26*240 mm
Carton Size
446*339*352 mm
Packing Quantity
Bulk Delivery
30 day

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Total Employees: 100
Main Markets and Distribution: Mainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia,Other,Japan,South Korea,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Macao, China,Taiwan, China