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Smart Thermostatted Sleeping Bag

Product modelHL30

Product CategorySleep Detectors

Communication typeWi-Fi,Bluetooth

Supplied byZONNSMART

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Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Sleep Detectors
Product Color
Market Specifications
Chinese Version(Neutral Packaging),Regular Version,EU Standard,US Standard
Function Description
1. Sleeping Monitoring: * Smart management by TUYA APP, connected by WI-FI * The analysis of Deep sleep/light sleep/wake up & dreaming Mornitoring, tracking sleeping while night, Mummy knows baby’s sleeping situation very well. * Real-time monitoring of sleeping bag temperature, Reminding when the temperature is lower or higher, help Mummy to judge if add more or take off cloths, protecting baby not getting cold. * Improves baby's sleep quality, reduces babies and cries in the middle of the night. * Alert of abnormal movements in infants   2. Thermostatted sleeping bag *100% Cotton, soft, safe and healthy materials that are safe and sensitive to the baby's soft skin,  make your baby sleep with peace of mind. *Japanese YKK zipper, the quick release zipper closure makes it easy to open and close; * Keep warm and protect baby all time * Fit most infants from 0-36 months or 6-45 pounds * Washable by washing machine * Different material is suitable for all seasons “spring/summer/autumn/winter"
Sales Area
Mainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia,Other,Japan,South Korea,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Macao, China,Taiwan, China
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Product Functions

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