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Desktop Grow Box

Product modelSPT-012ABxAW

Communication typeWi-Fi

Sales AreaNorth America,Europe,South America,Mainland, China,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Australia

Passed CertificationRoHSETLFCC

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Plant Grow Lights
Product Color
Market Specifications
IN Standard,EU Standard,US Standard,British Version,UK Standard,Chinese Standard
Function Description
1.Auto control:One key operation control, simplify the operation process,
Adjustable three-stage light mode to meet the light
requirements of different plants
2.Patented design:Large reservoir for two weeks water supply
3.Eye protection LED light:High efficiency LED light , mimic Shangri La 3459
spectrum , no photobiological hazard, no blue light
radiation hazard, no retina fever hazard, no
amblyopia hazard
4.Scientific planting, clean and convenient:The planting environment is more scientific and clean, no
worries, reduce pests and diseases, flower plant housekeeper
provides more reasonable light, water and fertilizer supply
system for plants
5.Growth with professional formula:According to different plant nutrition requirement, the whole element nutrient
solution is meticulously formulated with a variety of trace elements, the
breathable environmental protection matrix, the water retention and air
permeability of plant roots are increased on the premise of ensuring root
fixation to help plants grow
Sales Area
North America,Europe,South America,Mainland, China,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Australia
Minimum Order Quantity
Passed Certification
Package Size
386*280*154 mm
Product Size
367*120*318 mm
Net Weight
1000 g
Product Gross
2750 g
12 month
Packing Quantity
Bulk Delivery
7 day

Product Functions

Left Time
Bright Value

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