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SASWELL Blutooth Programmable Smart Radiator Valve

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Product modelSEA802-B01-1


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Main Markets and Distribution: Mainland, China,North America,Europe,Middle East

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Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
HVAC Thermostats
Product Color
Market Specifications
EU Standard
Battery Type
Dry Battery
Function Description
SASWELL SEA802-Bluetooth programmable smart radiator valve. It has been proven to cut energy bills by an average of 30% by only heating the rooms that are in use. It can save even more on your heating costs and make life more comfortable with multi-room control, always have the right temperature at the right time in every room or zone. You can manage all zones in the TUYA app for a clear overview.
1.If offline, you can operate via Bluetooth direct connection.
2.TUYA App is free, you also don’t need pay extra on App updating.
3.Low consumption, 2AA battery lifetime is 1year.
4.Led display reversal, in ‘OF’ state, press rotary plate 5 times continuously, the display will be reversed, meet different installation requirements.
5.Voice control, works with Alexa and Google Assistant
6.Easy operation, press rotary plate to change temperature and mode, programmable or non-programmable. LED display, with low power consumption alarm.
7.Support Open Window Detection, when room suddenly drop temp, our TRV will close to help save energy.
8.With Antifouling function, protect your valve not be got stuck.
9.Child lock function and anti-free function, more safe and longevity.
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