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Saswell Built-in Alexa 24VAC Heat Pump Smart Thermostat

Product modelT18XUTW-7-WIFI-3

Communication typeWi-Fi,Bluetooth

Sales AreaNorth America,South America,Australia

Passed CertificationFCC

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Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Hearting Thermostats
Product Color
Market Specifications
US Standard
Function Description
Power supply: 24VAC(18-30VAC)60Hz
* Ambient temperature : 32°F~122°F(0°C~50°C)
* Temperature setting range: 41°F~95°F(5°C~35°C)
* Temperature setting accuracy: 1°F(0.1°C),1%RH
* Temperature display range: 41°F~99°F(5°C~37.5°C)
* Humidity range: 20%~90%RH
* Operating temperature range: ±1°F(0.5°C), ±1%RH
* Transport temperature range: 14°F~140°F(-10°C~60°C)
* Output: Relay Load Imax 24V/(1A)
* Wifi Communication protocol : TCP/IP,MQTT
* Wifi Frequency : 2.412GHz-2.4848GHz
* RF antenna emission frequency: 915MHz(not the standard)
* Wireless sensor control quantity: 10pcs(Not standard)
* IP rating: IP 21
* Color: black
* Thermostat size: L110mm*W110mm *H28.6mm
* Backplate size: L165mm*W129mm *H10mm
Sales Area
North America,South America,Australia
Passed Certification

Product Functions

The lower limit of temperature
Current temperature_F
Set temperature ceiling
Set temperature _F
Set temperature
Week up
Smart speaker alarm clock
Amazon AVS Productid
Amazon AVS Redirecturl
Amazon account information status acquisition
Alarm set
time format
Standby backlight time
Heat away from home
Hold mode switch
Sensor average temperature control switch
Refrigerating target temperature
Fresh air running time at home
Remind set
time set
Dehumidification set
working condition
Humidity display
Temperature correction
Factory data reset
Child lock
Temperature scale
Amazon authorization parameters
Alexa awakens word selection
Smart speaker alerts
Amazon AVS Codechallenge
Amazon AVS Clientid
Amazon login action decision
software version
Standby backlight brightness
Heat at home
Cool away from home
Intelligent mode switch
Sensor data
System operation mode
Fresh air running time away from home
Reminder has read
Energy saving choice
Humidifying switch
time calibration
programming mode
Current temperature
Fault alarm
Set the lower limit -℉
Set temperature upper limit -℉
Backlight brightness
Amazon authorized login method
Intelligent speaker volume control
Amazon AVS productid
Amazon AVS AuthCode
Amazon Service status
Amazon Language interaction Settings
hardware version
Standby backlight switch
Cool at home
Automatic mode switch
Sensor intelligent control switch
Target temperature for heating
Function of fresh air
Vacation mode
Alarm has been read
Dehumidification switch
Humidity Settings
Quit holiday Mode
Connect Voice Platforms

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