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Zigxico Tuya 5-in-1 Keyless Smart LocK Fingerprint | Pass Code | Access Card | Metal Key | Smartphone

Product modelL01KCS

Product CategoryIndoor Pan/Tilt Cameras

Communication typeWi-Fi

Supplied byZigxico

Online Control Panel

The control panel is used to display and execute product functions. Users can control smart devices through the panel remotely.

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Indoor Pan/Tilt Cameras
Market Specifications
Chinese Version,IN Standard,Chinese Standard,Brazil Standard,Japanese Standard,EU Standard,FR Standard,AU Standard,US Standard,English Version,UK Standard,Metering Version,General Version
Function Description
● Tuya 5-in-1 Keyless Smart Lock,: Fingerprint, Pass Code, Access Card, Metal Key & Smartphone; ● Support remote authorization password, and Bluetooth, Remote control and other unlocking methods could be customized; ● Support virtual password and electronic anti lock function; ● Adopt of Grade C safety lock cylinder and aluminum alloy shell; ● Applicable to wooden door, safe-guard door and stainless steel door; ● Standard configuration: 4pcs AAA dry cell batteries;
Sales Area
Mainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia,Japan,South Korea,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Macao, China,Taiwan, China
Minimum Order Quantity
All aluminum alloy
Package Size
300*90*50 mm
Product Size
250*60*20 mm
Net Weight
1 g
Product Gross
1 g
12 month
Packing Quantity
Packing List
Bulk Delivery
30 day

Product Functions

Private Mode
Get Memory Card Capacity
Motion Detected
PTZ Direction
Record Switch
Humanoid Filtering
Auto-patrol Schedule Setting
Alarm Report
Set Preset Point
Vision Flip
Motion Sensitivity
Memory Card Status
PTZ Stop
PTZ Calibration
Recording Mode
Auto-patrol Switch
Site Favorites
AI Face Recognition
OSD Watermark
Night Vision
Format Memory Card
Formatted State
Motion Alert
Motion Tracking Switch
Auto-patrol Mode
Auto-patrol Status
preset point linkage

Value-added Services

Tuya provides a series of service capabilities to help brands quickly complete the product intelligent、sales intelligent and service intelligent.