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WiFi/4G Security Alarm System with Siren and Battery Backup

Product modelT1 WIFI 4G

Product CategoryAlarm Hub

Communication typeWi-Fi

Supplied bymaxkin

Online Control Panel

The control panel is used to display and execute product functions. Users can control smart devices through the panel remotely.

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Alarm Hub
Product Color
Function Description
T1 WiFi 4G Alarm System √ Self Monitoring or Centralized Monitoring with CONTACT ID & SIA TCP/IP Protocol √ Connects to Existing WiFi, and 4G SIM card √ Expandable Accessories, up to 50pcs sensors, 10 remote controls, 50pcs RFID Card √ FHSS Hopping Frequency, Anti-interference Solution √ Amazon Alexa & Google Home Compatible √ Work with 30000+Smart Home Devices in one app Contact us: for more informations. Mobile: 008613805040064
Minimum Order Quantity

Product Functions

Emergency call
Device Language
Store Alarm Phone Numbers
Wired Sensor Type
Local Siren
SMS Security Code
Siren Duration Time
Remote Control Armed/Disarmed Alert
Work Mode
Door Sensor Monitoring
Central Station Setting
Sim Card Balance
Alarm Linkage
Remote Control
RFID Card Armed/Disarmed Alert
Open Door
Alarm Type
GSM Signal Monitoring
Phone Number of Alarm System
Google Home Security Code
Connect Voice Platforms

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