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Outdoor Strobe Siren 11dB Loud with Strobe & Battery Backup

Product modelWS-902

Product CategoryStrobe Siren

Communication typeWi-Fi

Supplied bymaxkin

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Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Strobe Siren
Function Description
The Outdoor Siren With Strobe Light t has an output of 115dB that alerts across a large area to make sure that everyone on site knows about an activated system alarm. The Strobes offer visual indication to deter the intruders. Built in tamper sensors trigger an alarm if there is any attempt to tamper with the siren. It is compatible with any security systems or sensors working on same app. Contact us: for more informations. Mobile: 008613805040064

Product Functions

Alarm Mode
Siren Duration
Silence the siren
Siren Volume
Fault Alarm
Tamper Alarm
Battery Charge
Battery Level

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