Smart Dimmer Switch-Touch Control

200 Pieces

Product modelUS-STD-TCA01


Sales AreaNorth America,South America,Other


Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Dimmer Switches
Product Color
Market Specifications
US Standard
Function Description
Basic Features
• App Remote Control:We offer a free App for both iOS (8.0 and above) and Android (4.1 and
above).Multiple languages are supported.
• Voice Control:It works with Alexa and Google Home. After defining a name, such as “bedroom light”, you
can use voice control it by saying “Alexa, turn on the bedroom light”
• WiFi Connection (2.4G ONLY):it connects to the WiFi router directly, no hub is required. Please note that
only 2.4G is support. Don’t use it under 5G.
• Others: Timing | Schedule | Automation | Group Control | Sharing
Advanced Features
• Trailing Edge Dimmer: It has much better comptibility for LED bulbs. No flickering. It also support INC bulbs.
• 3-Way: This is a 3-way kit. You can dim the lights from both master and add-on switches.
• Temperature Protection: The build-in temperature sensor will detect the temperature of the switch and stop
it to protection mode if it is too high
• Memory:It will remember the status of the switch, including the brightness level. The switch will recover to
the last status after power outage
• Soft ON/OFF:When turning on/off the switch, lights will on/off gradually. It protects both light bulbs and
• Seperate switch button for wifi pairing, and this will avoid lots of wifi connection problems.
Key Point
•Trailing Dimmer Solution (Best for LED)
•3-Way advanced version (Master & Add-on)
•Dimmable on both master & Add-on
•Hight-Tech Control(Remote & Voice)
•FREE App for iOS and Andriod & Multi-Languages Support
•2.4G Wi-Fi Connection
Sales Area
North America,South America,Other
Package Size
138*100*53 mm
Product Size
128*84*41 mm
Carton Size
581*293*286 mm
Net Weight
134 g
24 month
Bulk Delivery
10 day
Support For Custom Types
Product appearance customization,Packaging customization
Number of output
Switch Type
Wiring Configuration
Neutral Required
Operation environment
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