Smart Health Underblanket With Far-Infrared Physical Therapy

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Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Electric Heating Blanket
Product Color
Black, Gray,Orange, Milk
Market Specifications
Chinese Version(Neutral Packaging)
Function Description
1. Smart management
* Smart management by TUYA APP, connected with WI-FI
* Setting any favoured temperature by APP in different period with smart timer function
* Pre-heating feature is available for APP control anywhere even outside, which allows our electric blankets to be snuggly warm before crawling into the covers
* Don't be afraid of forgetting to turn off the blanket, our heated blankets feature auto shut off with timer & you can also control by APP remotely, help save money when you go out.
* Assist to kill mites by high temperature
* Support independent temperature control for Two - zone (the upper/lower part of the body)
2. Smart far-infrared healthy physical therapy blanket
* 100% pure and transparent graphene heating material
* Planar Heating, Rapid Heating in 10 seconds
* FIR Resonance deep Penetration, which makes the body warm
* Relieve sore pain of body like haunch, back, shoulder, neck, etc, it is a very good adjuvant treatment for therapy
* Automatically Current overload protection,Overload protection is a protection against a running overcurrent that would cause overheating of the protected equipment , the circuit will be automatically cut off
*Super soft and cozy fabric on the reverse side, extreme warm for the cold winter, help you enjoy comfy and cosy sleep
Sales Area
Mainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia,Other,Japan,South Korea,Asia
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Mainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia,Other,Japan,South Korea,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Taiwan, China,Macao, China
Flannel fabric
Package Size
500*430*100 mm
Product Size
1500*800*10 mm
Carton Size
610*540*460 mm
Packing Quantity
Packing List
Far-Infrared electric blanket *1 , Controller *1, User Manual *1, Gift box *1
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40 day
Support For Custom Types
App Control Panel Customization,App customization,Function customization,Product appearance customization,Logo customization,Packaging customization
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Rated Voltage(V)
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