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POE Wired IP Camera

Product modelMQ9BTY

Product CategoryOutdoor Cameras

Communication typeWi-Fi

Supplied byMktech Intelligent

Online Control Panel

The control panel is used to display and execute product functions. Users can control smart devices through the panel remotely.

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Outdoor Cameras

Product Functions

Flip Methods
Motion Sensitivity
Memory Card Status
Auto Siren
Motion Detection Mode
Sound Sensitivity
Record Switch
Vision Flip
Night Vision
Format Memory Card
Motion Detected
Loop Recording
Record Switch
Sound Detected
Recording Mode
OSD Watermark
Get Memory Card Capacity
Recording Mode
Formatted State
Motion Alert
Sound Detection Switch
Device State
Device Restart
Connect Voice Platforms

Value-added Services

Tuya provides a series of service capabilities to help brands quickly complete the product intelligent、sales intelligent and service intelligent.

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