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Tuya Wi-Fi Gas Leaking Detector

Product modelPA-210W

Product CategoryGas Alarm/ Detector

Communication typeWi-Fi

Supplied byShenzhen PGST Co.,Ltd

Online Control Panel

The control panel is used to display and execute product functions. Users can control smart devices through the panel remotely.

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Gas Alarm/ Detector
Battery Type
Function Description
1.Self test function 2.Motorola IC control, Reliable without false alarming 3.Field audio and visible alarming 4.Simple installation 5.Excellent reliability & high stability 6.Low battery alarm 7.Durable sensor head 8.Less affected by other organic solvent 1. Working voltage: DC 5V (micro USB) 2. Alarm current: <120mA 3.Response time: <30s 4.Sensor lifetime: 3 years 5.Installation method:wall mounting 6.Air pressure:86~106Kpa 7. Operating temperature:-0°C ~+50°C 8. Humidity range: < 80%RH (no freezing)
Minimum Order Quantity
Passed Certification
Package Size
160*130*45 mm
Carton Size
500*400*350 mm
Net Weight
240 g
24 month
Packing Quantity
Bulk Delivery
10 day

Product Functions

Gas Detection State
Detected Gas
Fault Alarm

Value-added Services

Tuya provides a series of service capabilities to help brands quickly complete the product intelligent、sales intelligent and service intelligent.