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N1 Random/gyro Navigation Sweeping Robot

1 Piece

Product modelN1



Kpa(pa/aw)1300Pa 2000Pa

Smart Features

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Product Color
Market Specifications
Regular Version
Function Description
Gyro precise navigation and flexible cleaning
The gyroscope is used for precise navigation, and the slight changes in the angle of rotation can be sensed instantly, and the cleaning route can be corrected in time.
Global cleaning Smart path planning
Whole-house navigation, know well at any time, and intelligently plan the cleaning path in real time during the cleaning process.
Strong suction, automatic pressurization of carpets
It intelligently recognizes the carpet and automatically pressurizes it. It is equipped with a floating mid-scan, which fits the ground environment as the terrain changes, and the gaps in the gully are not a problem.
Remote APP intelligent control Voice prompt
One-key recharge, fixed-point cleaning, timed appointment and other functions can be switched at will, multiple cleaning modes can be set at any time; real-time voice prompts, dynamic control at any time.
Automatic recharging, two-way inductive charging stand
When the battery is low, the host can quickly and accurately find and return to the charging dock to achieve efficient recharging.
Sales Area
North America,Mainland, China,South America,Southeast Asia
Product Size
300*300*70 mm
Control Mode
App Control,Physical Buttons
battery capacity
1300Pa 2000Pa
Machine Height(cm)
Capacity of Dust Collector(mL)
Generator style
Brushless electric machine
Robot Intelligent Function
Guided by serious smarts,Regularly fixed area cleaning,Intelligent navigation,VirtualWall on App
Navigation Mode
Gyroscope navigation
Vacuum Cleaning
4 times
Supported Wi-Fi Bands
Multiple Patterns
VirtualWall,Obstacle crossing mode
Assembly Options
VirtualWall options

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