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Smart Pet Feeder

Product modelDCA014

Product CategoryPet Feeder

Communication typeWi-Fi,Bluetooth

Supplied byBirdsong Huaxiang Pet

Online Control Panel

The control panel is used to display and execute product functions. Users can control smart devices through the panel remotely.

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Pet Feeder
Market Specifications
Chinese Standard,Japanese Standard,AU Standard,US Standard
Function Description
1. APP Remote Control ,WIFI connect.2. Flexible Food Tray, make the feeding fluently.3. Easy disassemable design for clearning4. Precisely weighing system5. Anti food jam conveyor system.6. Suitable for both dry and wet food (on the tray)7. long standby time lithium battery8. Feeding info collect 9. stock alert10.Exactly feeding plan
Sales Area
Mainland, China,North America,Japan and South Korea,Australia
Minimum Order Quantity

Product Functions

Meal plan
Manual feed
Connect Voice Platforms

Value-added Services

Tuya provides a series of service capabilities to help brands quickly complete the product intelligent、sales intelligent and service intelligent.