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Zigbee Heating Radiator Control Valve

Product modelMS-SH3 ZG

Communication typeZigbee

Sales AreaEurope

Passed CertificationCERoHS

Product Parameters

Product model
Product Category
Thermostat Radiator Valve ( TRV)
Product Color
Market Specifications
General Version
Battery Type
Dry Battery
Function Description
Features - Radiator Thermostat with Zigbee Smart for regulation of room temperature according to the personal needs - free connected with iOS and Android app - Can also be operated without a smartphone - Thanks to the individual con guration of the week program, any kind of temperature pro le with up to 7 switching intervals can be de ned - Boost function for heating up the radiator quickly and brie y - Compact housing with low-noise operation - Multi radiator thermostats per room can be combined and controlled via app(Bluetooth version) - In typical applications, up to 30 % energy savings - Automatic temperature reduction during ventilation provides additional energy savings - Holiday function: The temperature can be reduced until you back home - Automatic frost protection: The room temperature will not fall below 5 °C - Protection against valve calci cation thanks to automatic opening and closing of valves - Child-proof lock/operating lock protects against unintended changes - Fits to valves of most common manufacturers - Easy to mount without having to drain any water or intervene in the heating system; no special tools required for any type of radiator - Compatible with Amazon alexa/Google Home
Sales Area
Unsales Area
Minimum Order Quantity
Passed Certification
Product Size
64*61*115 mm
Net Weight
190 g
Product Gross
250 g
12 month
Bulk Delivery
30 day

Product Functions

Child lock
Holiday mode settings
Set temperature
Battery capacity
Current temperature
Fault alarm
Connect Voice Platforms

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