WiFi 2 gangs smart lighting touch switch

Product ModelGC-OWF2,GC-UWF2

Product CategoryLight Switches

Communication TypeWi-Fi

Sales AreaMainland, China,North America,South America,Europe,Australia,Other,Africa,Middle East,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,South Korea,Japan,Taiwan, China,Macao, China,Hong Kong, China,Asia

Product Parameters

Product Model: GC-OWF2,GC-UWF2

Product Category: Light Switches

Market SpecificationsChinese Version,Chinese Version(Neutral Packaging),IN Standard,Chinese Standard,Brazil Standard,Regular Version,Japanese Version,Metering Version,UK Standard,US Standard,British Version,AU Standard,FR Standard,EU Standard,General Version,Japanese Standard

Online Control Panel

The panel is for illustration only

How to get the experience?

Step1: download the Smart Life App

Step2: Scan the QR code

Configure Device Panel
After OEM products,you can design and develop panels as needed,or you can use a wealth of custom components to configure beautiful and easy-to-use panels.
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